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We believe that working with your hands is an essential skill at any age, but especially for today's kids. Let's give them a reason to put down the gameboy, turn off the computer and rediscover the fun of making.



The creative urge to make things comes naturally to kids. Building and making bring together an irresistible combination of play, learning, and a sense of accomplishment.


How fun is this!
We get to work with some of the most creative, excited, open-minded people on the planet--kids! And we get to share our love of woodworking with these natural builders and makers who could not be happier to learn from us. There's just nothing better than the look on a kid's face saying "I made this!"

Who we are
Makeville Studio is owned and operated by Robyn Mierzwa, a long-time woodworker and mom to two duaghters ages 12 and 15 who love to make stuff.